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Ce travail est une réponse au plan d’action de Bali. Il étudie la protection des personnes déplacées à l’intérieur de leur Etat ou vers d’autres Etats en raison du changement climatique.

Extraits p 4 : « The many millions forcibly displaced by sudden and slow-onset disasters will require substantial protection and humanitarian assistance because displacement creates specific new, or exacerbates pre-existing, vulnerabilities. Particular challenges for the displaced as well as for the authorities concerned arise in the context of evacuations before and during disasters, relocations because return to the original place of residence is not possible or too dangerous and, more generally, the need to find durable solutions for those among the displaced who cannot return and resume their normal lives in the immediate aftermath of a disaster. »

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HCR with NRC (Norwegian Refugee Council), the Representative of the Secretary General on the Human Rights of Internally Displaced Persons and the United Nations University, 13 p. (2009).


mai 2009



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