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- Lazcko Frank


Four main research challenges are posed by the intersection of climate change, broader environmental hazards and migration : How has the relationship between migration and the environment been conceptualized ? To what extent has it been possible to measure the scale of environmental migration ? What evidence is available regarding the impact of environmental migration ? What research has been conducted on policy responses ? Several factors make it difficult to predict the likely scale of environmental migration or its impacts. First, it is difficult to disaggregate the role of climate change from other economic, political and social factors driving migration. Second, migration data are lacking in developing countries that are likely to be most vulnerable to climate change. Third, the lack of data is largely due to the absence of an adequate definition to cover migrants affected by environmental factors under international law. Fourth, climate modeling techniques have not yet begun to account adequately for the impact of individual choice, the potential for international action and the variability of future emissions and meteorological scenarios. In advancing the future research agenda, it is essential from the outset not to focus solely on the potentially negative consequences of migration. Migration can contribute to adaptation to climate change, serving as an important strategy to reduce vulnerability to climate change, increase resilience and enable households to accumulate assets. We need much more evidence to demonstrate these impacts and to inform policy.





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