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- Guterres António


The process of climate change – and the multiple natural disasters it will engender – will in all certainty add to the scale and complexity of human mobility and displacement. Thus far the international community has focused primarily on the scientific aspects of climate change, with the aim of understanding the processes at play and mitigating the impact of human activity. Yet climate change is likely to pose humanitarian problems and challenges. As such it is of direct interest to humanitarian agencies, including the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

Ce document de travail étudie les différents scénarios de déplacement, les implications pour le HCR, les terminologies et la Convention de Genève de 1951 et suggère des protections.

Extrait : p9 « UNHCR is actually of the opinion that the use of such terminology could potentially undermine the international legal regime for the protection of refugees whose rights and obligations are quite clearly defined and understood. It would also not be helpful to appear to imply a link and thus create confusion regarding the impact of climate change, environmental degradation and migration and persecution that is at the root of a refugee fleeing a country of origin and seeking international protection »



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